Flat Roofing? Slate Roof? Pitched Roofing?

Frequently Asked Questions about our Roofing Services

1. Can you repair a flat roof that is leaking ?

In most circumstances yes, if you need a new roof you will need professional advice. In most cases, your flat roof leakage can be identified and repaired. If the whole roof is in a state of disrepair, it will normally be recommended that you replace it.

2. What to think about when repairing or replacing your roof

Protection from the elements: A 1 in 80 slope will protect even a flat roof from pooling of water that occurs frequently.

Extremely hot and cold weather protection: If you are having a new roof, or your roofing company are repairing a partial roof, ask if they can insulate it too. This will help your bills to reduce over the year. Ensure you ask that the roof complies with Part L of the Building Regulations.

Does it protect your home from high winds: An experienced roofing company should be able to offer professional advice on how your home is exposed to such an element, and may be able to give you honest recommendations.

Local authorities: You will need to contact your council or local authority when you have a new flat roof. This may depend on a number of circumstances, but speaking to them will help you avoid major issues in the future.

3. What is re-decking

Your roof is decked with a layer of plywood, or a material called OSB3. It covers the roof joists and supports the damp membranes, breather membranes, and insulation layers.

If this layer becomes damaged by water leakages then it should be replaced completely. This is named as re-decking. A reliable roofing company will provide you with a free quote that you can compare to others.

4. How much will my new roof cost ?

It really does depend on what type of roof you would like for both. We are happy to give you a free no obligation quote for your new roofs. We can offer our expert advice and recommend the perfect type of roof that will suit your home and your garage.

5. I have solar panels

There are some solar panel companies that will either repair the roof themselves or offer to pay for the work to be completed by another company. It may be an idea to ask the company that fitted the solar panels for you

6. Does my roof need repairing

There could be some obvious signs. For instance:

  1. Your roof could be leaking
  2. You may see that there are a few tiles missing or broken
  3. You can see light coming through when you are in your loft
  4. The shingles or tiles are facing upwards
  5. Your roof could be sagging
  6. Your roof could be really old

It is important that you have your roof fixed by a qualified roofer as soon as you see a problem with it. The longer you leave it, the worse it can get. You could end up paying for a new roof instead of just a repair.

7. What happens if my new roof leaks ?

If this was to happen, then contact us straight away and we will come and rectify any problems that we find. We can assure you though that we are good at what we do and this would rarely happen.