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Cleaning your roof is easy when you team up with the professionals at Safeguard Roof Care. We are experts at cleaning any type of roof and provide a ten-year guarantee on all our roof coatings.

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Roof Cleaning

We often forget about the roof on our homes – it just does its job in a quiet and unspectacular way. In fact, it often isn’t until something goes wrong that we spend much time considering it. But there is a case for having the attentions of an expert in roof cleaning in Glasgow to reduce the risk of this happening.
One of the top reasons for having your roof cleaned is that you can stop damage spreading. Many of the organism that cause those strangely coloured stains on the roof can actually cause damage at the same time, forced tiles apart or allowing water access to the loft below. By having regular cleaning by a professional, you reduce the risk of this happening to your roof.
As well as looking awful and causing minor problems, moss, lichens and other growths can lead to more serious problems. For example, they can grow into the house and affect the roof beams or allow rot or mould to get access to the property. Conditions such as dry rot can be potential catastrophic to the home if left unchecked. By having your roof cleaned, you are also getting a roof inspection that can look out for those little cracks and loose tiles that can cause problems. Most of us will admit to not being confident to climb up onto the roof of our homes and it is definitely a job for professionals. As part of the roof cleaning, an expert will watch out for any problems and let you know if work is needed.
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Roof cleaning & treatment service

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    Expert risk assessment

    After hearing from you, our expert will call at your premises and carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of the roof in order to provide a method statement to advise the best steps to take. At this stage, you will be fully advised of the anticipated cost for cleaning your roof.

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    Cleaning your roof

    Our trained and expert roof cleaners arrive at your property on the scheduled date and time to clean your roof to the specification provided in the method statement. All lichen, moss, algae and grime on your roof will be removed during the clean, leaving it in an as new condition.

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    Renovating the roof

    Any required roof renovations will be carried out following the clean. So, if you need new or replacement tiles, roof coverings or felt, you can rely on our professional team to carry out this work speedily and efficiently.

Protecting your roof

The application of a professional waterproof coating is the final stage in this process. This helps ensure there is no possibility of any further penetration of damp or water to the roof voids of your property.

Don’t forget, our ten year guarantee on all roof coatings gives you added peace of mind!