Natural slate.

Artificial slate.

Clay tiles.

Single-ply membranes.

Regular and thorough visual inspections will determine the health and condition of any roofing system and will lead to early detection of problems.

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Which components of a roofing system do we ensure we inspect?

All our roofing inspections are carried out to a set of procedures depending on the existing design and existing type of coverings. We use checklists to ensure these procedures are thoroughly followed so nothing is overlooked. Using our skills and experience we look for any defects however minor which are currently causing water ingress problems or may potentially lead to future problems. Examples of roofing components inspected include:

Roof coverings to the main (or field) areas

Ridge tiles including mortar and fixings condition

Roofline Products - Fascia, Soffit & Barge Boards

Rainwater systems

Pitched Valleys & Internal Box Gutters

Chimney Stacks including chimney pots, flaunching & flashings

Parapet Walls & Copings

Fixings & Flashings to profiled sheet roof coverings

Rooflights to all types of roof coverings

Flat Roof Decking checked for soft areas caused by water ingress or condensation

Condensation or Cold Bridging Issues within the loft space or rooms directly below the loft.

Overall Pitched Roof Structure; we check externally and internally for any signs a roof structure may be sagging or spreading if unfit for purpose. We also check internally if purlins or any other roof timbers are sufficiently supported.

Roof Insurance Inspections London.

Roof Inspections for Residential or Commercial

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    Why You Should Have a Roof Inspection

    Aided by the possibility of the load of rainwater or compacted snow to build up on flat roofs. Many insurance companies are unable to handle this risk and with the UK’s record busting snowfall annually, far less insurers are set to be taking on the risk.

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    How Long is an Inspection Valid For?

    It has become normal practice for insurance firms to require an investigation of your roof prior to when they’ll issue you with homeowners insurance. These reports are generally valid for a number of years (subject to the insurance company), therefore once you have the report, you should be able to make use of it for upwards of 12 months.

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    What areas do we cover?

    We Cover London & the Surrounding Areas.

What types of roofs and roofing materials do we inspect?

We are qualified to inspect all types of roof designs; pitched roofs (including vertical/mansard areas), flat roofs (including protected membrane & barrel roofs), car parks, balconies and industrial roofs. Roof coverings inspected are usually constructed from:
  • Mastic asphalt
  • fibreglass/GRP
  • Single-ply membranes
  • Sheet Metal (Lead & Copper)
  • Natural slate
  • Artificial slate